Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

Libya/Tunisia - Sahara

From mid September to mid January, I use to travel through the Sahara with my 4-wheel expedition truck.

I offer:
  • Guidance of motorbikes, jeeps and trucks
  • Ride for nice people, male or female, at any age, in return for cost sharing
  • Driving training on sand, especially for people used to driving jeeps, who want to travel by truck
Point of departure: the south of Tunisia (Douz/Djerba)

You should be physically fit and resilient.
  • Transport of spare parts, luggage, fuel, water and whatever may be necessary
  • Guidance into the restricted area - to the 5 lakes or wherever you want to go
I have my own native guide as well as GPS and satellite phone.

In case of break-downs I arrange for the procurement of spare parts, rescue or towing. Apart from that I also accompany jeeps.

40 years of Sahara experience are at your disposal!
Benefit from my experience!